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Waco YMF-5C Information

Originally produced between 1934-1935 by the WACO Aircraft Company of Troy, Ohio, the WACO YMF-5 has been regarded as the finest open cockpit sport biplane ever built. With its clean lines showing off its classic biplane shape and its powerful 275 HP radial engine, this current production American built 3 person luxury biplane captures the essence of what flying is all about: Magic, Beauty, Adventure and Romance.

Waco YMF-5C

More Information

When production of the WACO YMF Classic was re-established in 1986 by the Classic Aircraft Corp in Lansing, MI, many updated features were integrated into the design without taking away from the original heart and soul of the aircraft. Based on constructive input from valued customers all over the world, the WACO YMF-5 Super was developed. Today’s current production aircraft now offer a complete array of updated features making it the finest most luxurious sport biplane anywhere. Ours is outfitted with premium leather seats, burlwood trim, a cabin heater for winter operations and a constant speed Hamilton propeller because we fly aerobatics. This amazing aircraft can now can fly for over 4 hours with its extended range fuel tanks, perform wonderful aerobatics with 2 passengers in the front cockpit. It’s now capable of a much higher load capability, can fly day or night flights with its modern lights installed in both cockpits instrument panels, navigation and strobe lights on the wingtips as well as bright landing lights to see the runway better. Ours is also configured to perform precision instrument approaches, navigate into and around the modern airspace systems while flying directly to points of interest with its panel mounted moving map Garmin 430 GPS. This aircraft is capable of accommodating up to 340 lbs in the front cockpit, can carry up to 100 lbs of baggage and/or enough fuel to fly over 400 nautical miles in a single tank of petrol. Try any one of these things in any other biplane and you will soon find yourself marveling as we did at the capability of this amazing flying machine! For over 76 years, the Waco YMF-5 has captured the imagination of the public and has inspired several generations of pilots to take to the skies to explore the world. Come join us in our celebration of flying our 1935 biplane in the modern world. It’s like taking a trip back in time with a touch of luxury, romance and adventure all mixed into an experience of a lifetime!