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Our Story

SkyThrills, the brainchild of Michael “Rocket” Blackstone, began flight operations in 1999 with their the world-class aerobatic Pitts S-2C. It spawned from Michael’s passion for flying extreme aerobatics that began while flying with his father in his Pitts S-2A from when he was just 8 years old. After 16 years of flying and teaching aerobatics to non-pilots while introducing them to the hair raising world of flying air combat maneuvers with Air Combat USA, his father’s company, Michael began flying and teaching aerobatic thrill rides with his own clients in his brand new, cutting edge, Pitts S-2C.

SkyThrills was created for one reason: To share his passion for flying with anyone interested in flying. He always felt that once a person flew in the Pitts they would fall in love with flying and be inspired to learn to fly. He must have been correct because 12 years later, SkyThrills is still going strong flying hundreds of thrill rides per year in their Pitts S-2C and in their incredible Waco YMF-5 that was added to their flight line in 2006. The Waco is the world’s finest, current production two passenger open cockpit biplane in the world. It does amazing aerobatics as well as romantic scenic flights along the coast of California. SkyThrills is now also flying thrill rides in the Extra 300L and the Marchetti SF-260. These two incredible aircraft are very rare, exotic aerobatic aircraft that capture the essence of high-performance flying. Now, all four aircraft types can be flown at SkyThrills in Santa Ana, CA.

Each flight SkyThrills flies is tailored to the wants and needs of their client. SkyThrills wants to empower each student to make them feel comfortable and confident in their flying and to help them overcome any fears of flying they might have. Nowhere else can you fly such a wide variety of extreme flying machines in the world, hand’s on, with no prior flying experience. SkyThrills is a very special place and welcomes anyone with a desire to fly to come see for themselves how flying was meant to be enjoyed while flying any or all of our four types of exotic aircraft. All flights are recorded onto DVD for training and bragging rights. No prior flying experience is ever necessary to fly with SkyThrills!

Michael “Rocket” Blackstone
CEO of SkyThrills!

  • Featured on hundreds of television shows, such as The Apprentice and Good Morning America!
  • We ensure your safety by working hand-in-hand with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • The perfect activity for any aviation enthusiast or adventure-seeker!
  • Fly real military fighter planes with licensed fighter pilots in the cockpit with them. Plus, you fly the aircraft 90% of the time!