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Michael Blackstone
President | Chief Pilot

Welcome to SkyThrills! | Blackstone Airways

Vintage Tours & Charter Flights | Hand's On Aerobatic Thrill Rides
Experience the magic of flight as you take a trip back in time in our Beech Super 18 airliner to when flying was as much about enjoying the journey as it was about arriving at your destination in style. Enjoy the thrill of flying in an open cockpit biplane around Los Angeles and Orange County, in our Waco, for a vintage flying experience for 2 passengers. Feel the rush of flying one of our world-class aerobatic stunt planes, hand's-on, for the thrill of a lifetime. At SkyThrills & Blackstone Airways, you truly can have it all.

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Thrill Rides

You will be at the controls of one of our world-class stunt planes as we coach you through a series of exciting aerobatic maneuvers! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

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Tours & Charters

Fly with us to Catalina Island and experience open cockpit flying in our 2 passenger biplane, or a vintage luxury cruise in our 6 Passenger Beech 18! Join us for an amazing trip back in time.

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Flight Training

Learn to fly a tail dragger! Earn your Tailwheel Endorsement. Receive professional Unusual Attitude or Aerobatic Training.

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Our Planes

We have 6 of the best and most sought after flying machines in the world. Choose from The Fastest: Marchetti SF-260 | Most Extreme: Pitts S-2C or Extra 300L | Most Nostalgic: Waco YMF-5C | Most Luxurious: Beech Super 18

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Photos & Video

Air-to-Air Photography and Aerobatic Cinematography has been our passion for over 25 years. We are constantly striving to take our photos and our video to the next level. Call us to find out more.

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Your Safety and Satisfaction are our main priorities. Whether you are buying an experience as a gift or you are thinking of learning to fly with us. Buy with Confidence. We have over 25 years of professional flying experience.

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