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Vintage Air Travel

Traveling in our fully restored 1957 Beech Super 18 airliner is a magical flying experience. You’re transported back in time to when air travel was not only the fastest and safest way to travel but also the most comfortable and luxurious.

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Flying was for those who had a sense of adventure and airlines at the time often gave their guests an aerial tour of points of interest along the way. It was not uncommon to take “the scenic route” and pilots sometimes flew a bit lower and slower so that their passengers had a better view of the scenery below. We feel that offering our clients a vintage flying experience with amazing service is something we all can appreciate. We strive to make the flying experience special again while arriving at our destinations in vintage style. These are our favorite destinations that we are currently serving and would love to share with you. We fly the most beautiful routes, not the shortest. We can fly higher and faster, but we prefer to fly a bit lower and somewhat slower so that the flying experience can be more thoroughly enjoyed. We also offer vintage wines, champagne, and gourmet eats if desired. Taking excellent care of our clients every step of the way is our main priority. Treating you and your guests like family while making everyone feel at home in the sky is the reason Blackstone Airways was born.