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Extra 300L

Extra 300L Information

From the time of its first flight in 1988, the Extra 300 was a game changer. This mostly carbon fiber, fully aerobatic, tandem two-seat competition aircraft is the world’s only current production FAA certified +10/-10 G aircraft. It has become the plane to beat at the highest levels of competition aerobatics.

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Best known for its extremely light control stick forces and its dazzling 400°/second roll rate. A pilot’s dream plane, the Extra 300L is often regarded as the most agile, most powerful, best performing, most fun 2 place aircraft they have ever flown. Designed and built by Walter Extra in Germany, this aircraft is very strong and built to last, has very few moving parts, is low maintenance and is very easy to fly and land. It is the only FAA certified aircraft of its kind capable of winning the World Aerobatic Championships or flying into any small airport for lunch with a friend.