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Beginning in 1937 as the Beech 18A, Beechcraft designed and began building a wonderful new twin engine, 8-place executive corporate aircraft and commuter airliner that is now affectionately known as the Twin Beech. These aircraft have earned their place in aviation history as one of the most successful aircraft designs ever created due to its ability to mold itself to the needs of many types of customers. The Beech 18 is the world record holder for the longest continuous production of any piston-engine aircraft.

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During its 32 years in production, nearly 8,000 aircraft were built with over 200 approved modifications and 8 different models seating up to 11 occupants. Our Twin Beech is a 1957 E18S fitted with two, 450 HP, supercharged Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. engines. These radial engines are the definitive and most reliable radial engine ever built and are the most powerful radial engine that can been installed on this aircraft. Most Twin Beeches were configured with 6 seats in the cabin all facing forward but ours is configured as an executive cabin with 4 seats facing each other and a 2 passenger bench seat at the right rear of the cabin. She has room for 6 passengers to sit comfortably in the high-cabin, executive club-seating configuration with a private lavatory with a Brasilian Rosewood door in the rear of the cabin. There are also accommodations for up to 300 lbs of baggage in the cargo hold. Our Twin Beech underwent an extensive restoration in 2008 when she was stripped, repainted, and had her interior completely upgraded and brought back to new condition with a classy 1950’s leather motif. We are very proud of our newest aircraft addition and we look forward to sharing the magic of luxury flying in the 1950s with you in our gorgeous Twin Beech.

  • Chevron down Specifications
  • Powerplant Pratt & Whitney R985
    Horse Power @ RPM 450 @ 2300 RPM
    Recommended Engine TBO 1600 hours
    Propellers Hamilton Standard
    Propeller Diameter 99 in.
    Length 35.2 ft.
    Height 12.3 ft.
    Wingspan 49.7 ft.
    Wing Area 360.7 sq. ft.
    Wing Loading 25.75 lb. / sq. ft.
    Power Loading 10.32 lb. / HP
    Seats 8
    Cabin Length 18.66 ft.
    Cabin Width 4.16 ft.
    Cabin Height 5 ft.
    Empty Weight (typical) 7438 lbs.
    Maximum Gross Weight 9600 lbs.
    Useful Load 2162 lbs.
    Payload with Full Fuel 254 lbs.
    Fuel Capacity 318 gal. (318 gal. Usable)
    Oil Capacity 16 Gallons
    Baggage Capacity 300 lbs.


    Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll 1980 ft.
    Takeoff Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle 1980 ft.
    Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component 26 kts.
    Rate of Climb, Sea Level 1410 fpm
    Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level 223 mph
    Cruise Speed / Endurance with 45 Minute Reserve @ 75% Power 170 mph / 3.1 hours
    Fuel Consumption @ Altitude 45 gph (per engine) @ 10000 ft.
    Service Ceiling 23300 ft.
    Landing Distance over 50-ft. Obstacle 1850 ft.
    Landing Distance, Ground Roll 2800 ft.


    Limited and Recommended Airspeeds:
    VX (Best Angle) 103 kts.
    VY (Best Rate) 117 kts.
    VA (Design Maneuvering) 132 kts.
    VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising) 174 kts.
    VNE (Never Exceed) 223 kts.
    VR (Rotation) 80 kts.
    VS1 (Stall, Clean) 70 kts.