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Hands On Aerobatic Flight Experiences | No Prior Flying Experience Required

Taking control of a world-class aerobatic stunt plane, is an experience like no other. SkyThrills offers a wide range of flight experiences from the short and sweet "Intro" profile to the over-the-top "World Aerobatic Champion." No pilot's license or prior flight experience is necessary to fly any of our programs. You will fly the extreme aircraft of your choice for up to 90% of the flight time at speeds up to 250 mph pulling up to 6 times the force of gravity during a series of Basic through Unlimited aerobatic maneuvers depending on the program you choose.

We specialize in teaching you to actually fly our aircraft, hands on, from shortly after takeoff until we return for landing. From the moment you take the control stick, you will be transformed into a modern day stunt pilot! We will brief you on everything you will need to know before your flight during a short safety briefing. We will also teach you how to perform each aerobatic maneuver and what to expect from your instructor pilot. Once airborne, we will talk you through every maneuver, step by step, while you are learning the ropes to keep you safe and having maximum fun, even if you have never flown a plane before.


Total Time: 2 hour 30 minutes
Flight Time: 45 minutes (20 minutes in transit | 20 minutes of Aerobatics)
Aircraft: Pitts S-2C
Experience Includes: Safety Briefing | Flight | DVD of Ride | Logbook Entry

For those wanting twice as much aerobatic flying time as the Basic, this is the program for you. In addition to what is included in the Basic, you will receive a comprehensive ground school briefing covering everything you ever wanted to know about flying high performance aerobatic aircraft. Additional maneuvers are added such as Advanced Combinations, Cuban 8s, Snap Rolls and Gyroscopic Maneuvers.


Total Time: 2 hour 45 minutes
Flight Time: 55 minutes (20 minutes in transit | 30 minutes of Aerobatics)
Aircraft: Pitts S-2C
Experience Includes: Safety Briefing | Flight | DVD of Ride | Logbook Entry

Here is your chance to experience what it's like to be a "World Aerobatic Champion For A Day!" You will be taught the intricacies of competition aerobatics during the pre-flight briefing. Once airborne, you will fly all of the basic aerobatic maneuvers included in the previous three programs. Upon successful completion of these exercises, you will perform a sequence of complex maneuvers, similar to what you would see at an air show or an aerobatic competition. Using an Aresti Card for reference, you will fine tune your flying skills while performing maneuvers such as the Gold Fish, Sawtooth, Spin, Snap Roll, and many other complex shapes as you learn to precisely handle our competition aerobatic aircraft at speeds up to 250 MPH. Endure the effects of pulling up to 6 times the force of gravity and rolling at over 400/second. This is your chance to be a "World Aerobatic Champion For A Day", while pushing yourself and our extreme aerobatic flying machines to their limits!